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Professional Workforce Solutions

We help to bring skills and flexibility critical to your success by attracting and engaging contingent workers to maximize potential and minimize problems.

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How ERA can help your business?

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Reduces Your Operational Costs

ERA can extend your power to “recruit in bulk” and save on healthcare, benefits, and other labour expenses, thus getting more value.

Reduces Your Liability

ERA helps your business stay compliant with employment-related rules and regulations in Vietnam to reduce your liability.

Improves Your Productivity

ERA human resource services free up your existing HR staff to focus on more strategic initiatives and maximize potential growth.

ERA Managed Services

Employer of Record Services

Handle your worldwide compliance, payroll, and HR from around the globe, so you can fast-track expansion.

  • Hire and pay compliantly across multiple countries
  • Onboard employees or contractors in minutes
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Global Payroll

Ensures meticulous calculation of salaries and employee benefits, as well as accurate and timely disbursement of wages.

  • Manage the complexities of tax declarations and payments, along with insurance and related fiscal obligations
  • Utilize the most technological advanced payroll software
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Agent of Record

Simplify your financial obligations, focusing solely on payment execution.

  • Eliminate potential legal complications and hefty fines
  • Improve operational efficiency and ensure timely payments to your contractors
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Hire Employees

Implement strategies and processes for identifying, recruiting and retaining suitable employees.

  • Recruiting employees
  • Ensuring worker retention
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Hire Employee

Hire Contractors

Reduce your time with manual effort such as invoices, sending payments, and compliance management.

  • Increase Flexibility
  • Reduce Cost
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Four Decades of Mastery

Four decades of expertise ensuring top-tier, reliable workforce solutions tailored to your needs.

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Global Reach, Local Touch

With 100+ partners worldwide, we offer localized solutions informed by global insights.

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Comprehensive Service Spectrum

From recruitment to payroll, our all-in-one approach simplifies your HR processes, saving time and resources.

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