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USA Agent of Record (AOR) Services
At ERA Solutions for

Your Independent “1099” and
Corp. to Corp. Contractors

ERA Staffing Solutions provides comprehensive USA Agent of Record Services, handling administration and maintaining
regulatory obligations. We offer specialized support with 15+ years of expertise in AOR Compliance industry.

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Our USA Agent of Record
Services At A Glance

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 Icon Box TickERA Staffing Solutions offers streamlined USA Agent of Record services, handling project payments to independent contractors.
 Icon Box TickWe simplify your financial obligations, focusing solely on payment execution. Please note, contractors are responsible for their own tax, social, health, and pension costs.
 Icon Box TickWith our expertise, we help prevent costly errors like misclassification, assuring smooth operations across USA states.
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Experience the Perks of Our
Premier Agent of Record Services

Eliminate Misclassifications

Our comprehensive Agent of Record Compliance Vetting Services expertly ensures proper classification. This eliminates potential legal complications and hefty fines, providing you with a hassle-free, compliant business environment.

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Less Risks, More Rewards

Our Premier Agent of Record Services are designed to minimize your business risks while maximizing results. We strategically manage all compliance aspects, allowing you to focus on growth and success with peace of mind and confidence.

Integrated Payments for Efficient Operations

Our expert-managed Agent of Record Services offer integrated payment solutions, streamlining your business processes. This aids in hassle-free transactions, improving operational efficiency, reducing errors, and ensuring timely payments to your contractors.

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Persistent Adherence to Compliance

Within our USA Agent of Record Services, we uphold a continuous commitment to compliance. We actively keep up-to-date with regulatory shifts by the IRS or State Revenue offices, ensuring your business operations always abide by the legal standards, thus mitigating potential legal complications.

Why Choose ERA’s AOR Services?

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Proven Success
With a solid record of industry success, our AOR service guarantees top-tier performance.

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Industry Savvy
Our AOR team possesses deep understanding of the employee benefits landscape, including recent trends, best practices and compliance norms.


Agile Adaptability
We are adaptable to cater to your company’s evolving requirements seamlessly.

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Active Communication
We ensure open and effective communication, while also attentively responding to your company’s needs.

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ERA’s Agent of Record Services

What is an Agent of Record (AOR)?

An Agent of Record (AOR) is a legal entity authorized to represent a client in dealings with Independent “1099” and Corp. to Corp. contractors. AOR Services ensure that there is no employment liability present in the contractor engagement and allows companies to engage the best and most compliant contractors. Hence, ‘AOR meaning’ refers to the responsibilities and roles of an AOR in facilitating efficient business operations.

Whats the difference between EOR and AOR?

An Agent of Record (AOR) and Employer of Record (EOR) serve different roles in staffing.

While an AOR acts as a liaison, ensuring compliance while working with independent contractors, an EOR takes on more responsibilities. An EOR is the legal employer, handling employment contracts, payroll, benefits, tax, and compliance liabilities

What is the difference between BOR and AOR?

A Broker of Record (BOR) and an Agent of Record (AOR) are both representatives who handle insurance policies for businesses.

However, they serve slightly different roles. A BOR is designated by the policy holder to represent them with their insurance company, while the AOR is a legal entity authorized to manage a client’s interactions with third parties

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