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USA Employer Of Record
Services at ERA Solutions

Simplifying Employment, Amplifying Success

ERA Solutions allows companies to simplify compliance, payroll, and HR, freeing you to concentrate on your core business.
Rapid, smooth growth is within reach with us.

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Securely Recruit And Pay Anyone
Across The USA In Full Compliance

Effortless Outsourcing Management For USA & Foreign Companies With ERA Solutions

Envision this: you’ve uncovered a diamond in the rough – a spectacular developer weaving code magic in the heart of New York, a marketing maverick driving brand narratives in sunny California, or perhaps a sales dynamo closing deals effortlessly in Georgia.
The question is, what’s the next step?

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This Is Where USA Employer Of Record (EOR) Services Come Into Play.

Navigating the complex web of US labor laws and regulations can be daunting, especially when your dream team spread across multiple states. EOR services take that burden off your shoulders, ensuring full compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws, irrespective of the location of your employees.

In Just A Few Simple Clicks

You Can Begin The Process Of Onboarding Your New Hire, Completely Free Of Risks.

With ERA EOR Solutions, not only can you securely recruit and manage talent from all over the USA, but you can also streamline payroll and benefits administration, mitigate employment-related risks, and ensure regulatory compliance. It’s like having an expert HR department at your disposal, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

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USA Employer of Record Service at
ERA Solutions:

A One-Stop Solution for Employment Lifecycle


Get started in mere days, not weeks

Ellipse 74Promptly invite new recruits to finalize their onboarding process.
Ellipse 74Comprehensive local employment eligibility and identity verifications included.
Ellipse 74Personalize job title, trial periods, compensation, perks, and much more.

Handle all HR tasks from a single management software

Ellipse 74Approve requests for leave and expenses.
Ellipse 74Handle modifications in job roles and pay, and assist with employee relocations.
Ellipse 74Receive professional advice on specific labor laws of different locations.
Ellipse 74Ensure full compliance with the Affordable Care Act "ACA".

Ensure timely payments to your team

Ellipse 74Gain insight into your payroll expenses, inclusive of employer taxes and additional charges.
Ellipse 74Provide benefits that align with your budget and value proposition as an employer.
Ellipse 74Gratify employees with rewards, bonuses, and various allowances.

Conduct employee offboarding in accordance with local regulations

Ellipse 74Discuss probation and performance concerns confidentially.
Ellipse 74Get professional guidance throughout the dismissal process.
Ellipse 74Monitor the progress of resignation applications, terminations, and pending expenses.
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Assurance of Reasonable Pricing:

Enjoy tranquility with our clear and equitable pricing policy

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Transparent Pricing
We honor our commitments and nurture company culture in a manner that promotes respect, honesty, fairness, & trust.

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Fair Costing
Our prices are competitive and fair, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

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Price Assurance
We stand by our Fair Price Guarantee, assuring that the price you see is the price you pay.


Peace of Mind
Our fair and transparent pricing model gives you the peace of mind to focus on what matters most – your business.

Why choose our USA EOR service?

Our EOR services, including payroll, benefits, taxes, stock options, and compliance, free you to focus on your team.

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ERA’s Employer of Record in USA

What does EOR mean in recruitment?

EOR stands for Employer of Record. It is not simply a staffing agency but an organization that adopts the statutory obligation of recruiting your personnel to reduce the complexity of HR functions, market access, and overseas employee pay.

With an EOR, a company may expand operations into another nation without establishing a local entity, which can be costly and time-consuming. Working with an EOR enables businesses of all sizes to rapidly and affordably employ and pay workers in multiple countries.

How much does an Employer of Record cost?

Most EOR service providers employ one of two pricing models: percentage pricing and flat fee structures. While percentage pricing can be highly costly, flat fees are more transparent and affordable.

Before working with any employer of record who charges a percentage rather than a flat fee, take caution. Global employment expenses might vary. Fee structures based on a percentage allow businesses to keep employee salaries low while diverting more money to third-party providers.

ERA’s EOR services are paid monthly, zero hidden fees, and zero surprises. Book a meeting to see how affordable growing can be to scale up your global team.

Why use ERA Employer of Record Solutions?

By legitimately employing workers on your behalf, an employer of record saves your business from liability and compliance risks.

In addition, EOR manages the complex HR procedures associated with employing personnel from foreign states.
When entering new international markets, each expansion has its own challenges that necessitate using an experienced team. Expert Resources Alliance, as your global Employer of Record partner, offers the highest level of support for you and your distributed workforce. Our worldwide capabilities in 10 and more countries, exceptional experience, and personalized service enable you to acquire top talent swiftly and legally.
We provide a comprehensive range of staffing solutions, including contractor management, sourcing (hired) solutions, Payroll outsourcing, mobility and relocation services while you focus on leveraging your business.Reach out to us today.

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